Not being able to put in order

I’m trying to put in an order for Resmed but it doesn’t let me because I’m not able to put in more than 95% of my free funds into this limit order. But this is less than 95%, Free funds = 152.15
95% of free funds = 152.15*0.95 = 144.54
The example order is 143.79 which is less.

But okay it’s close so I redid another example order with way less:

It still gives me the error which is really annoying. Would like to get some clarity on the situation. Thanks in advance and keep doing awesome work!

Have you got multiple buy orders setup?
I think this is saying this error because technically if all of your orders were to go through, you would not have the funds to cover the amount of shares purchased.


I have seen this before on my account, this is all I can think of off the top of my head.
Check your pending orders, and make sure that they do not total more than your current balance etc.

Hope this helped. :v:

I don’t have any pending orders as shown on image 1, it’s not a deal-breaker but pretty annoying. Will try again tomorrow and if it doesn’t work by then I’ll probably just buy something else. Thanks for your time though

Not sure on that particular stock, but if it is fractional, you can just buy two blocks of 0.5 shares and it tends to get around this annoying quirk.
Can’t think what else it could be though, let us know if you manage to get a fix around this.

Hello @Etypsyno,

The calculation for 95% of funds is made based on the current market price of the instrument, not the desired entry limit price.

thank you for your reply, so if I wanted to buy this stock (it’s not fractional) I would either need to add more money (or wait for dividends) to increase free funds, or the stock would have to fall enough for me to be under 95% of free funds. If this is correct then my question is answered, thank you guys!