Casa systems 5g

Get this one on your radars, has had a good earnings call for q4 2020. Looks like it has great long term prospects. I’ve a small position but will go big on it after it calms down from this reaction

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Cheers for the tip, will have a look. MWE MTI Wireless Edge has been good for me as well :slight_smile:

Holy molly, it’s having a banger after hours.

How did you pick this one up?

From YouTube in all honesty :joy:. Have sold 75% of my Tesla and looking for non hype stocks now. The same YouTube guy picked Mesa airlines and oasis midstream partners check the returns out on those companies nobody has ever heard of.

What Youtuber out of interest?

Also, I saw you comment on a forward P/E of 5 for Vale, where did you find it? :slight_smile:

The guy who recommended casa is called Jerry Romine and he picks some obscure stocks. Some picks are from charts and some from fundamentals. I pick some of the growth stocks that have decent fundamentals