Cash appears on portfolio - ✅ Solved

Hello, I am newbie here.

I just wanted to test out by investing small bit on pie. But then my funds are appears on portfolio on main page and it says this cash is not available for investing??? So i can not start investing on my pie. What should i do?? Can anybody help??


So you created the pie by picking stocks, set how much percentage each one has, give it a name, choose funding method.

So you’ve added £100 of funds to the pie.

Next step would be to wait for the markets to open and it’ll (attempt to) buy what’s in your pie (in the holdings) at the percentages you chose.

If you have stocks from the LSE in your pie it’ll opens at 8:00am GMT, US stocks at 2:30pm GMT

The £100 would not be available for other investing unless you cancel that because it needs funding reserved to buy the stocks you chose.

So if you had say AAPL and AMZN at both 50% then it would try and get £50 of each using that £100.

The markets need to be open, and the second factor is liquidity. If you pick obscure stocks that aren’t traded as often then it could take longer to buy (and also sell).

Hey there @Nicole,

I’ve sent you a DM, check your inbox. :slight_smile: :mailbox_with_mail:

Thank you all :slight_smile: It has been solved.