Autoinvest failed due to UK holiday. What do I do?

€100 is sitting in “cash” in the pie this morning. Will it try to reinvest again tomorrow or should I do it manually?

Those €100 will be invested along with your next auto-investment. Alternatively, you can invest them manually tomorrow.

Got it.

So how do I do it manually tomorrow? Just did a practice run. I tapped on the “cash” section, but there’s no option to purchase stock. It’s just an information popup.

If I go over to the “Invest Funds” button, I type in €100 and it says “€100 + €100 of pie’s cash” so I need to add another €100 from my card… I think.

Is there a way to only invest the spare cash?

Withdraw from pie into account free funds, deposit back into pie OR just deposit the minimum for the pie (depends on your slices). Your €100 would get invested at the same time as the minimum deposit or if you don’t want to deposit any more the first way allows that.


It will allow you to invest only the cash, without contributing any additional money.

i have a similar issue, i invested £100 yesterday, all US trades went through ok and i assumed all UK trades would go through once market opened this morning due to BH but nothing has happened as yet and i have no pending orders just £58.76 sitting as cash?

I had to withdraw my cash, then reinvest it