Pie suck on 75%

My pie has been stuck for more than an hour on 75% (that’s the buying process). What should I do ? Any hackers around ? Any pie specialist who how to unfuck this ? Thx :slight_smile:

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I’m no expert by any means but off the top of my head have you got any instruments in there from a foreign market, possibly one in Asia, which is closed right now? And pie will invest when they open?

Hope that helps

Could you tell us what stock/stocks it’s waiting on buying?

Hi @liamel_messi , hi @CavanHaganInvesting,
I was trying to create a tiny Baillie Gifford funds pie (4 instruments).
Those are available on the LSE so nothing foreign.
Do you think it might be a liquidity problem ?

Well then one stock wasn’t bought which one and I’ll take a look

Probably an aim stock I had one stuck for a while I ended up pulling it. Could be that you haven’t rebalanced so the percentage you want isn’t currently available?

In fact all 4 stocks were bought but some money hasn’t been invested for some reason.
It’s kind of weird. The bar indicates 75% but stats below indicate only a few percents weren’t invested. 3 stocks are at 25% and one is at 22% (BG US growth trust)…

I don’t know…
Actually it’s pretty strange. The system bought more than 25% on 3 of the stocks, less than 25% on one and left a fraction of the total invested amount under the “cash” section.
What do you think @CavanHaganInvesting ?

Doesn’t make any sense to me :sweat_smile:

If you have 100% invested then the pie hasn’t caught up yet it can take a bit of time possibly logging off and back in to update it.
As long as you don’t have any free cash available then its all invested

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There’s still money that hasn’t been alocated but not much.
Nevermind :slight_smile:
I’ll wait until tomorrow. If the problem persists, I’ll get in touch with support.
Thx :wink:

There’s always a small amount left over due to the fractional share prices. They will only buy down to a certain fraction not to the nearest pence/pound.
You can always add more funds and buy a low cost share with the remaining balance to “clear” the free cash.
I have 0.32p remaining on mine from my trades

That’s not it. What is remaining is more something like 100€ that’s enough to buy quiet a few additional shares.
Talking about fractional shares is this even normal. I mean what kind of a fraction is this ???


I think something went wrong haha!

Probably just a low share price, you can always cancel your pending trade and then try again. I think its probably just not open

Just tried it. It worked :slight_smile:
My pending orders were cancelled.
Will try to resume tomorrow.
Thx for the help, man !
I appreciate it :+1:

No worries at all best of luck

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