CASH is in the Pie but Invested shows ZERO

Hi T212 Community
I’m relatively new to investing and copied a pie and put money in it, it was shown min of £200 but I ignored it and just paid in £190 left In my account, now the pie has that £190 cash but it shows as there is zero investment!
could you help please I have no idea what has happened?

Why is giving you a minimum £200? Thought £50 was the minimum you could invest

not sure, still confused

Can you screenshot it so we can see and help you figure it out

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It is because the pie holds £194.56 in cash, it hasn’t bought stocks, so none of it is invested yet.

It hasn’t filled yet or it’s just holding the cash as it hasn’t been invested

Minimum for investing is 200 GBP because the pie contains stock(s) with 0.5% position.

To get the money out of pie you can use withdraw option.
You can remove the 0.5% weightings to decrease the minimum amount needed to invest in pie, currently 200GBP.

However if 0.5% weightings remain, each time you want to invest in the pie you need to top up 200 GBP at minimum.

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thanks, however, My confusion is that why has it not been invested.

Because as you said, the minimum for that pie must be at least £200 each time you invest, it doesn’t have sufficient funds to buy an equal ratio of each share based on the setup of the pie.

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Thanks for clearing that, what I don’t get is that when I tried to add the remainder to make it £200, it would just not allow it.

Simplest way to fix is to withdraw all money from pie and then deposit 200 GBP.


Thanks, but I even tried to add funds to make it 200 but it wouldn’t allow funds under £200.

Didn’t know that myself mate thank you :slight_smile:

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would I lose any money? what worried me was the fact that some stocks in that pie has fallen but I guess since it doesn’t affect the cash right?

None of the money got invested in the first place. So it is safe to pull out. Invested is referring to money used to buy shares.

As your screenshot clearly shows all money is in cash and 0 in shares.

So simply withdraw the money and deposit.

Market is closed anyway so there is no possibility to buy/sell currently.

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Amazing, I really appreciate your help.

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