CASH slice in Pie

It would be nice to be able to set a CASH slice in a pie - at the moment I have to use a low volatility ETF to store cash in my pie which is not ideal because of fees and low liquidity.

A CASH slice would be fairly easy to setup and would allow to sell instruments without having to move cash out of the pie and fiddle with % which is extremely tedious.

e.g. I want to sell S&P 500 and reduce my exposure …

→ Reduce S&P 500 slice from 7% to 3%
→ Increase CASH slice from 0% to 4%

Rebalance my Pie … easy peasy


Brilliant idea. I would add if the cash slice auto balanced against investments proportionally. So rolling back a few years, if you could forecast market crashes - covid, financial crisis, you could weight more of your portfolio to cash much simpler than having to adjust all your pie holdings. I.E. update your pie cash weighting from 10% to 20%, and it auto trims all equities to 8/9ths of what they were(80% equity, 20% cash).


Thanks for the suggestion, @ollie :handshake: We’ll evaluate the idea.

Related to that, can you please add an ability to reduce a slice to 0% but keep it in the pie.

Specifically if you are exporting an amount for sale but wanting to keep the pie the same for future (or for anyone who has copied it).

(When I do this it’s often bed and ISA related)