PIE - Reducing new allocation to Zero 0


If you have let say, 5 stocks in a pie, with 20% allocation to each one. For some reason, from now on, you don’t want to add new position to one of the stocks, but you want to keep it in the pie. Can I keep that one with 0%, and the other 4 with 25%. I can’t find that option, I don’t know if is possible or not.

Thanks a lot

If you have five slices in your pie and decide to invest in only 4 of them, you can follow these steps: go to ‘Overview’ → ‘Invest’, select ‘Custom’ as the fund distribution option, adjust the preferred slice to 0% and decide how much you would like to invest in the other four.

Otherwise, the smallest possible slice percentage is 0.1%.

Wouldn’t the best way be to export the 1 share to a stand-alone investment, and redistribute the remaining shares, otherwise you would continually show as needing to rebalance?

Personally, I don’t use rebalance.

I find it frustrating having to import/export and adjust. Particularly if you know others have copied your pie.

It would be great having the option to have a slice at 0%.

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To give context to why. Normally it is for tax reasons, I want to top up some slices of my pie in GIA and some in ISA.

If you don’t use rebalance can you not just press the X button on the stock under edit our and then just continue as normal?

That removes the stock from the pie. Which isnt ideal if others are following.

Hi @Bogi.H

Thanks for your reply.
I found your solution, but is possible only when doing an extra deposit in the pie. if for some reason you don’t want add to a slice when you do a recurring (auto invest) the minimum you can set is 1%. Would be nice if we can reduce that to 0?


I get your point :ok_hand: We received a similar suggestion recently, and I’ve already passed it along for consideration.

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Any update in this @Bogi.H ?

I’m afraid I can’t share any updates for the time being. I’ll let you know if there’s any news, though.