CBBT has been limited to selling shares only

@eject just thought I’d mention that Dao is just a customer like you.

As far as that comment goes, our (my) current understanding is that these penny stocks did not lose their status. They never had PSE status to begin with.

We need to wait until T212 staff come back with an explanation.

Screenshot 2021-02-23 at 10.28.35


Something tells me we won’t have a reply…


@David Anything new sir?

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Waiting patiently…

I’ve deleted the extra posts, rather than risk them being reflagged.

Seriously who on earth flags these posts. They do nothing but bring a small amount of joy in pointing out that T212 should have responded by now. They are all relevant, please don’t spoil the forum.

@David Do you have an update that can be shared? Thanks


@David Hey its been 10 days and nothing new since then, have you guys got something for us? Thank you