Cellular Goods - CBX

Please can you list CBX as soon as possible .
This is the new stock listed today backed by David Beckham (mentioned for profile rather than his expertise in the market) and chaired by the guy from Argo Blockchain …

It’s already had lots of media attention because of the backing and I would like to get on it as soon as possible.



“With shares 13 times over-subscribed, initial demand for cannabinoid company Cellular Goods was always likely to be high and as trading has got underway it’s become a hot stock,” said Susannah Streeter, a market analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown. “David Beckham’s backing certainly added a celebrity glow to its listed debut.”

Streeter said the CBD skincare market was forecast to grow to $3.5bn over the next five years but said it was already “a highly competitive field.”

Will be interesting to see where this will go based on hype and momentum :man_shrugging::thinking:

5p to 23.5p now. Up 310% in early trading frenzy.


I’m in at 5p. Huzzah!

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Not with t212. How did you manage to get on the frenzy so early?

I bought a fortnight ago. The world of finance is shady, amirite?

It’s on Freetrade and other platforms .
Just not on t212 yet :frowning:

What’s your source :face_with_raised_eyebrow::joy:

Hi is taking about primary bids
Not so shady or cloak and dagger .
They offered to retail investors last week.

Not currently on IBKR so soon to be the source of another spate of complaints against T212 that is their intermediary’s fault and not their own. IBKR need ditched.

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Really? That’s mental if so, very highly anticipated IPO

IBKR do not prioritise European IPOs in the slightest - always reactive to them, best case scenario is a few days later.

Going by my experience with the IPO posts anyway.

For future IPO’s is there a better broker to use in the UK?

They need more backlash from us, they’re too insulated, if they knew they had a crowd of angry customers on their back they may actually improve their service

Never seem to lift a finger

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I got in via PrimaryBid who are supposedly delivering my shares to my IG account at some point today

Interestingly, Interactive Brokers are a PrimaryBid supported broker, therefore even more crazy if they don’t even have CBX added in the first place


It is definitely on IBKR now !

They have listed it now …
Hopefully not too long for t212 to get this added … preferably before it hits 40p :wink:

Well that was an epic fail today
Hoping it gets added on Monday !

In fairness it was explained. The fail is yet again on IBKR’s side.


Yes would like this added