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Why is the CFD platform of the app more intuitive and engaging than the ISA version? For example, you can clearly see an individual stock’s daily, weekly & monthly report at a glance. You can’t do that with the ISA version… I’m being forced to go to other sites and apps to have a deeper perspective of a stock/or Etf. What is the reason why we can’t have similar helpful products across the whole T212 platform? Plus the new statistical graph that draws the investor’s portfolio is really useless as it doesn’t do that for individual tickers. Needs a revump & you guys can do it if you want to. I’m not sure why are not helping investors getting maximum knowhow so they stay here instead of searching other platforms. Thank you


the team has done a great deal towards getting us these features.

just because you find it useless, doesn’t make it so. for investors in ISA typically we want to see how our portfolio is doing over time, individual tickers just require you to put in a little effort of your own as all that matters is whether its in the green or red and by how much. Traders on CFD need different more specific tools than investors hence the differences you will find between the accounts.

Investing has always been about the individual, don’t blame the platform because you want to do less of the work yourself. Please do not make your first post in our community an attack against part of it. thanks.

T212 platform already has many features other platforms don’t, where do you expect people to go? the features are worth paying commissions on all your positions? do other platforms respond so rapidly and positively as T212? This is the only platform I have seen available to me that is making rapid improvements based on user feedback.


No, stop it there. It was not an attack rather an expression of frustration. Just because I raised an opinion regarding one issue does not mean I’m belittling the whole platform. I do appreciate the good bits and I also despise the bad bits. It is what it is. Whether one is an Investor or a trader he or she would prefer to have an advanced graphics at a glance. I’m not taking away anything from the platform but it could get better and frankly I still don’t understand why one part of the app shows a complete performance data of a ticker per day or month or year but switch it another account you can’t have that privilege. It’s bewildering to me.


to understand the reason the accounts differ. you have to understand the differences between investors and traders and what they really need to know to make their decisions.

there is no point saying investors would prefer a traders data feed just because it has more data.

your comment looked like an attack to me because of the general tone it was written in and how you phrased the last 2 sentences.

if there is a part of the display that is so clearly different, post screenshots of what you refer to so you can get a precise response.

For example, have a look. This is APPLE stock viewed from both ISA & CFD accounts. Complete day and night.

so your issue is just that in the ISA on a mobile you have to look at a graph to see the % numbers?

keep in mind that there is no difference between the displays on the web platform, If someone were to ask me why the mobile ISA and CFD is different it is because of the scopes of time involved.

Investors using the ISA or Invest accounts get a basic graph which contains much larger scopes of time than the CFD account does. CFD accounts only go up to 1hour on the basic graph, hence historical data has to be shown as numbers to be viewed at all. In comparison, Investors basic graph has a scope that ranges from 1day to 1year and even the entire history to which T212 has access, and each goes into further detail when expanded.

the graph is more useful as it lets the investor know at a glance how the stock has performed. they still have the same range of time options to look at, but instead of a solid “profits/losses” number they can see in actual time the behaviour of the shareprice which IMO is more engaging and intuitive, not less. if they want a % number it is displayed in the top left corner of each graph.

all the information is still there, and its displayed equally if you use a computer to view the platform. there is nothing inherently driving people to use other apps or websites in the ISA account.

" If someone were to ask me why the mobile ISA and CFD is different it is because of the scopes of time involved"

I’m lost for words. You’ve acknowledged the difference yet you’re tiptoeing around it. You know very well they’re not same & you know very well the CFD mobile graphics is way more intuitive & informative than the ISA one. You found my opinion incredulous & I uploaded the photos. You can’t deny it. Don’t tell me investors need that or traders need this. I don’t buy that old cliché. Because I’m both. I trade but there are stocks I hold for years.I believe it would be reasonable, in my opinion, for everyone to have maximum advanced graphics, be it investor or trader. That’s all.

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Splendid. It must be a coincidence but this is great tool and way beyond my expectation. Brilliant. Good job.

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