CFD prices changing over the weekend?

I have weekend trading switched off.

It’s 6.30am and pre markets are closed.

I’ve placed an order over the weekend to buy apple at 282.86 on the virtual CFD account. I checked this morning and the BUY price has changed to 283.74…where is this data coming from ? Markets are closed.

Yahoo finance which reports premarket is not showing anything like it.

How can a price change over the weekend and be also not in line with what the tickers report out there ?

Please help me understand.

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Now market has opened and looking at the chart. Marked closed as expected Friday at 21.59… then re-opened at 9am and low.

So where is that 283.xx price coming from over the weekend ? It should have never moved from that 282.2X… Again my weekend trading options are OFF.

@dropbrick, thanks for reaching out!
Are you experiencing this with a demo or a real-money account?

Hi, it’s the demo account.

This is a superficial bug with our demo environment when weekend trading is off. It’s only visual and does not affect order execution.
Basically what happens is that you get the last “fake/weekend” price even though you’ve disabled it for your account.

It’s on our todo list and we’ll squash it soon enough!

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So the real CFD won’t show that. Price will stay still when post market closes if Weekend trading is off, correct ?

Absolutely. It’s a disabled-weekend-trading and demo-only and visual-only issue.