Is there some sort of secret after-after hours trading? Tesla went up between 1am and 9am this morning

Aftermarket CFDs for Tesla closes at 1am GMT. Then it starts trading again at 9am GMT.

As you can see there was a jump in price between those times.

Is there an an extra after-after hours trading session or something?

Its no secret - after hours trading exists. most brokers dont offer it. Maybe you can do on CFDs but not on stocks with 212.

He’s using CFD on T212 which has after hours and pre. He’s talking about a gap up between after hours close 1am (UK) and pre market starting 9am (UK)

@phildawson is correct, I’m talking about CFD where we do have access to after hours.

I think it is natural. It is not a continuous time series, there is a gap between extended hours and premarket. Even if there was not it is entirely possible in freemarket, especially during low volume times to bid/ask sentiment to “jump change”

Is also driven by bid/ask. Orders can be placed when market is closed. Bid/ask can go up or down compared to last price causing gaps.


Makes sense.

Could a catastrophic event affect the price even when the market is closed? Lets say all of Tesla’s factories suddenly explode at the same time, when the market is completely closed between 1am and 9am GMT. Could the price drop 80% before even pre market opens?

I was under the impression that CFDs in Tesla were super safe as I have access to it after hours and can sell if bad news comes out or whatever.

My thought is that if there are no buyers for a stock, lets say due to a company exploding overnight and having no insurance and this was known, then I guess the price could even go to zero pretty much instantly.
It’s all about supply and demand and how quickly the market gets to know about an event.

Yes. Therefor it can be risky to keep specific CFDs open during the weekend. If a war starts for example, oil will spike up. If you are going short on oil before the weekend, you are screwed…

I would also suggest that stocks like Tesla are available across other markets which are open whilst UK is closed like Australia.

I think they are only avialble in the USA, FRANCE and GERMANY - 100% not in OZ

Unfortunately not, this is why a lot of companies will announce bad news outside of market hours, it’s one of the reasons I stay away from stock CFDs (fortunately fx and futures are totally 100% safe…)

Point 5 of that though unrelated is interesting, its what Harley Davidson did a while back