CFD results and orders export to CSV file

Hello there,

Will you include in the new CFDs layout the option to export the results and orders to CSV files, like in the Invest account? This is so important for performance analysis.

In the older layout, I could select all the data in the results and paste it in a spreadsheet I developed to track my performance, but this new layout don’t allow me to do that, so I’m left without any statistical insight.

Please, consider this option because It’s very important to long-term success and improvement.

Thank you.

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Hey, @coiote! You can now select all the data in the results, and copy it.

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Hello @Daniel.T, I really appreciate the attention T212 gave to my request, but there’s still 2 problems with the text selection in this new web app.

The first problem is that I think the web development team may have forgotten to allow the selection of the sell/buy text:
The elements and div.direction.sell still have the properties set to user-select:none.

The other problem I see with this approach is that, in the old web app, all the text were copied to the clipboard in a table format and, when pasted into a spreadsheet, all values were in the right cells.
But now, it just pastes everything in one column. I have developed an excel macro as a workaround, to transpose the values to the right cells, but this is no easy task for who’s not familiar with coding, therefore, the CSV export feature of results and orders would be really helpful.

Thank you once again!

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I entered the forum to write the same thing! In the previous version there wasn’t the export functiont on CFDs but we at least could copy and paste a table that we could handle. Now, with the new desktop version, it is totally impossible! Please solve this important issue, thanks

I’ve not been active on the forum for a while, and haven’t really needed to be as I’ve had no issues, all smooth sailing.

But, I’ve had an problem arise now due to the dropping of the legacy view. The legacy view was incredibly useful to me as with minimal effort I was able to save the html of the portfolio page and then use my own scripts to keep my local portfolio tools in sync.

The switch to advanced view no longer supports this as all positions are not actively exposed. Obviously this is not T212s concern as you never agreed to support my tools. However, would it be possible to (finally) allow CSV portfolio exports that contain instrument, buy price and quantity?

I remember requesting such a feature a year or two ago, and I know others have done so also. Is this something that is in the pipeline?

In summary, please allow CSV portfolio exports from Advanced view (or bring back legacy view)



Legacy view was just fine. Now it is a mess