Chance to be a multi millionaire off £75 per week!

Just start off with one small deposit of 7 million pounds.


£75 per week over 30 years as it clearly states in the print screen

What’s the purpose of this post? Are you looking for feedback?

Shows what pies can achieve doesn’t it can see any problems with posting it

Now all you need is a constant guaranteed return of 15.12% and able to chuck in £3,900 throughout each year for 30 years.

Then in 2051 you find £2.38m buys you a few loaves of bread.


I wouldn’t trust them returns calcs with a barge pole.

The return calculations are spot on, the issue is with having perfect and constant 15.12% returns.

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Okay, I’ll rephrase, the calculation isn’t the issue but individual stocks are far to unpredictable to say that if you just dumped in 75pw for 30 years it would achieve that.

The odds are depending on the companies, they could go bust, or get past that growth phase into the mature phase and go sideways for years. You know what I’m saying

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Yeah I know what you in saying it’s not realistic.

If it was say 5% avg based on chucking in £300 a month for 30 years you’ll end up with about £250k from £108k worth of deposits.

So that £10 a day saved does add up. As long as your picks dont turn out ■■■■.

Which is probably more realistic for the average investor picking individual stocks for that period of time.

Albeit, I do acknowledge there are some that are exceptional at it. But to do so it requires a lot of work , time and skill that most (including me) don’t have.

Still £250k in 2051 is really going to be worth nothing. Still better than nothing I guess.

It should be relative, to a point I’d hope?

For instance we’re saying 75, you’d hope an individual could afford more as time went on.

Wages haven’t kept up by any stretch though.

When shiba reached 1 cent id let you have a garage on my mansion for that? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well based on a 2% inflation on three decades that £250k would be worth the equivalent of £125k today.

Still better investing extra than letting it all just build in a savings account.

Maybe not SHIB but I would say having a mix of money in stocks, crypto, gold, houses is all good.

Most people are going to be absolutely screwed in 2051. The avg person has no savings, so its going to be work until you die or/and live like a peasant. Or live off what your parents hand down and inherit.

Happy Friday everyone

Watch this space, we shall see!

I still need to learn more and be more convinced on crypto. That maybe because I’m not educated enough as of yet

Sorry this is way off topic anyways!

not sure this thread even has a topic. It’s just the OP throwing some stocks into the pie estimate and then making a baseless claim to support others copying them.


Is there any benefit of being copied?