The x3 pie plan for 2021. Improvements welcome!

I have created 3 pies for 2021 on the topics of

Composite ETFs



My aim is to have at the end of the year a return that is greater than the banks (I am merely doing this due to poor interest rates)

All three have high links to technology, however I do believe that even in a downturn in the economy, that is access to easy capital becomes tough, that innovation and technology developments ought to continue.

I aim to invest a starting amount of 100 into each pie, and then each month add another 50 to each pie, resulting in 2100 total investment across 2021.

I can weather up to 30% loss at 630 annully which will work out at -52.50 for each month should something go wrong. Although bad it is affordable. Hopefully this should not occur and if things go south it wont go that far.

Each month a review of the stocks in each pie will be looked at and its weight considered, based on recent news and analysts view etc.

Please shout if there are ways to improve my plan.