Speculative portfolio 55% after 2 weeks

If you guys want to know a little about my speculative portfolio: Microcaps
Refer here to the link :


In case of any copy, I am not a financial advisor. Only risk the money you’re willing to lose.

So you know you blacked out all the numbers I could say it is almost pointless for 2 reasons. 1st Reason is that you can calculate how much money you have in each pie by the percentages. Secondly, you didn’t actually black out the numbers. Look at the image in a high enough contrast and you will see them clearly.

Just so you know.


No one will think about doing this unless they are feeling really bored and have nothing better to do.


Anyone can watch and choose to take some piece out of my pie and do it themselves. It’s not pointless neither boring. It’s how you diversify to get bigger return.

Thanks for sharing. That’s why we need this tool in the app to hide all of these while sharing our stats


Challenge accepted;

Roughly Invested:
EU Dividend stocks: €7660.48
Market cap below: €1746.99
US Dividends stocks: €7396.17

Total invested: €16803.64
Account value: €18835.25

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Almost correct but that’s not the aim here.
The aim is for people to diversify and stop picking Amazon, Tesla or whatsoever for big return unless they have tons amount of cash. Seems that people misunderstanding the post