Change to Limit Sell, and Pie Custom Investment

Hi There, this morning there appears to be some constraints applicable to setting limits for selling, and also investing into Pies via Target option. Have limits been changed on in updated version of App, and can someone point me to the notes. An example, I own BEEM - this experienced a large rise yesterday, and I was looking to set a stop loss / limit sell at around 20% of current market value - but I couldn’t, kept getting “too far away from current market price”. Tried resetting App, then tried lowering a little - to 15%, and that was accepted. I’ve done stop losses many time, and never seen this restriction - any ideas/clarity welcome. As for Pie investment, was trying to invest loose change into an existing pie ~£25, but it kept defaulting to £33 ish (above current funds), and would let me - another 1st time accordance.

The maximum distance from the market price has been amended. You should be able to place the order at the desired level now.