Pie issue (frozen) - ✅ Solved

Hey all, I was wondering if you could help me

I was playing around with the pie feature yesterday, and to cut a long story short, wanted to get rid of a pie and it’s holdings

I have one left that is now stuck and not even changing it’s price any more

The assistant on chat said its because it is on AIM and it could take weeks to execute, I’m not so sure of that since the volume even today has been enough to sell such a small position, it’s simply stuck, and effectively I can’t access my capital (albeit very small)

Any help would be appreciated, thanks

Hey there @JD1,

Thanks for informing us about this and for the details. We’ll have to investigate further and get back to you when we have more information. :slight_smile:

I’ll keep you posted!

The price has changed now to reflect todays price.

I have probably tied the thing in knots trying to figure it out. I now have £1 in another holding but it still won’t let me sell the other.

I just want the pie zapped really, i have created another one with what I wanted.


All fixed. Prompt and courteous attention.

Thank you!

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You’re welcome @JD1!

AIM shares can take a while to be bought or sold indeed, but if you wish to delete a pie, you can reduce its value to 0 by withdrawing the funds and then delete it. :slight_smile: