Chart and distribution of ETFs and Stocks portfolio

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I think it was already discussed but I can’t find the post so I’m not sure.
Does anybody know an App or website (possibly free) where you can insert your stocks and ETFs and it gives you the distribution of your portfolio in sectors, regions, etc.
Which also counts stocks that can be repeated between more ETFs when seeing the distribution of stocks. (Ex: You own shares of Apple, ETF of S&P500 and ETF of Nasdaq. It shows the total exposure on Apple)


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not sure if you can get this for free, I think morningstar portfolio does it with it’s ‘x-ray’ feature but this is not free, never tried it maybe someone has.

Optimise Your Portfolio

Premium members can access X-Ray and discover if their portfolio is well diversified or overly concentrated in a particular security or investment area, helping you reduce your exposure to risk.

I think I found a hack without signing up even, can put your holdings in here then press show x-ray button

sector allocation example for 2 etf portfolio:

holding overlap:

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Thanks mate, Yes something like it works. Not exactly what I was thinking but it gives me 90% of the information I wanted. :+1:t3: