Not directly to do with trading 212 but more investing

Are there any free services that you can put your portfolio of ETFs in and it show what percentage you have invested in each sector / location… and also prediction of estimated return??

Hope that made sense. I suspect justetf does this but you have to pay premium for it


JustETF.com is the only one I know of that does it well.

I think you also have morningstar.com has something also that does this.

I added my portfolio to Yahoo Finance:

Schermafbeelding 2020-06-03 om 14.26.49

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I can recommend Morningstar.

You can enter your portfolio details and there is an X-Ray tool which analyses your holdings and gives various information including overlapping positions in ETFs, equity sectors etc.

You can also do this directly without a portfolio by selecting stocks/ETFs here: http://tools.morningstar.co.uk/uk/xray/editholdings.aspx

Equity sectors are displayed as follows (this is from German version of website but it should be same with UK version):


Can you save it at Morningstar?

Yes, you can create a portfolio and save your positions. Then this tool analyzes your entire portfolio, e.g. in the above screenshot with my slightly outdated portfolio entries.

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Awesome. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I also uses Yahoo Finance but Morningstar looks much better (comparing to the free Yahoo account) .

What exactly do you have in mind for this? :thinking:

@laguiar hmmm trying to think of a good answer. Just a guess I suppose

Thanks for answer. Had a go and the xray on Morningstar and looks gd

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Didn’t manage to add European stocks on Morningstar profile manager :cry:

On German version (morningstar.de) , I was able to add stocks/ETFs from UK, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands (and of course US) in respective currencies. You may want to try that one. Only downside is that the language is German and cannot be changed as far as I know.

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I also like and recommended Morningstar’s X-Ray tool for overlaps, but not sure how accurate it is since I checked VWCE with some small cap MSCI ETF and it was not showing any overlap (and for example Macy’s is overlaping).

Same on Dutch site. Can’t find how to enter buy price and number of shares though.

On German site you can add positions with type (buy or sell), [number of] shares, date, currency, price (optional), and surcharge (optional). Transactions can be added on the bottom of portfolio (first tab among three on top) and can be edited on “to edit” tab (second tab).

I am not sure if the same fields exist for you. There are differences between versions. I first tried UK version but quickly moved to German one.

It quickly becomes boring to fill the transactions though when you have multiple daily transactions :smiley: