Etf/portfolio analyser?

Is there a site or tool that can have a list of etfs put in and come out with a visual representation of the total holdings and overlaps by company and nation etc?

Like if you held a msci world etf and an s&p500 and a Nasdaq etc it would show you the over lap from companies such as apple that are in all based on your individual weightings?

Or is it a case or you’ll have to go to each etfs site/holdings list copy all of them into a spreadsheet and then set up a formula to calculate it from your weighting?

Paging @pipo @Finki and @nickspacemonkey

That sounds like an interesting tool. If there is a site that has data available showing names of holdings, percent of those holdings in the ETF, country of holding etc., I wouldn’t mind putting together some kind of interactive dashboard as a personal project.

It could be doable to put together a dashboard using R and RShiny or Python and Plotly.Dash
It could even be done in Tableau or Power BI and hosted online.

The only issue I can see is finding a website which houses all this data. Scraping it from the site or connecting to the service via an API would be doable. Putting together the dashboard would be the fun part then.

Yeah I was thinking if you just copied the holdings data from say blackrock/vanguard sites it would all be in differnt formats and manually sorting through 1000’s of stocks and putting them all in the same format every rebalance could be a nightmare

Manually that would definitely be a nightmare. If all the data is available though, it sounds like a standard enough task for any data scientist.

I’ll do a bit of research on this.


Currently the best way I know how to do this is to use the morningstar 14 day free trial.

It then gives a breakdown of replicated holdings:


But if you click the button while as a free user it just refreshes the page and you need to input your data again.

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Morningstar has a service for this.

See this post:

I think that you will have to manually input your positions


You beat me to it by a few seconds, I was searching for the previous post as I couldn’t remember the tool :smiley:

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Do you know how much it would cost to get the full version?

More than it was worth last time I checked lol. Think it’s around £100

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Yeah I saw the morning star xray thing

Also saw thier forums are just constantly full of thread about how its never actually working :joy::joy:

I have all that data already. @Tefal @obrienciaran

It’s that I only serve it up on a ‘underlying holding’ basis…and quite slowly! Intentionally. Because, as you’ve kinda found, it potentially has great commercial use if any broker wants to consume the data and feed their app on behalf of their clients - ie, you guys! Ask
T212 to get in touch! It’s available in a super fast API …to integrate into the app

… but the database is there and ready to query… if I made it public!!!
Every U.K. ETF, Every holding , every %

The slow, single query version is here…

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Sorry bit confused you’ve already scrapped holding data for all UK etfs and are updating it as they rebalance as a solo project?

How did you go about doing it? Because like you say it has commercial use I’m surprised if it’s possible to do it and keep up to date as a one man team that t212 and similar apps arent all doing it

Tbh my thinking was more that it would need a commercial enterprise

Yes. Done it. Don’t be confused - it just takes a bit of effort. Can grab it daily. The transformation of displayed name to actual
Stock is painful if provider doesn’t state it, but , hey ho. One man team. A few synthetic ETFs are error prone but the rest are easy. Feed the dB. Query from the dB. Yes, everyone can do it. Question, as with every little micro service, is do you want to? If someone else does it already and faster, better, maybe cheaper…

Yeah I know what you’re saying but it does seem this service doesnt exist theres there morning star xray but it seems plagued with problems. So you might have the basis for an actual product. I mean if you actually got some backing I’m sure it would be possible to have many of the major etfs provide you with a more readily accessible holdings list?

Had a look through your site and I’ll probbaly be using it to have a look which etfs hold a specific stock (actually not something I’d thought of before your site so great feature!) :slight_smile:

Who do I need to @ @trade212 to get them to throw money at you for the api :joy::joy:

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They really need my ISA API that live assesses every Asset’s eligibility for holding in an ISA… it flagged NIO and the like as ineligible months ago… and it still flags errors on t212 asset universe today…

Lots of good stuff at Finki that the new age brokers could utilise!!!

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ETF search output is intentionally slow, limited and a few days out of date… but feel free to play with it… it works on a per stock basis… most people get confused and search for an ETF upfront… you search , for example , by TSLA not IUKD or iShares

Yeah I would have thought the flagging of ineligible ISAs would be a pretty straight forward tool to create. You could even spot that in Excel if you have the correct data available and the right conditional formatted set up.

Cool to see you have all that ETF data available. I won’t step on your toes then if you want to try commercialise it to some extent.

Re ISA :: Much much harder than you would ever imagine … markets, segments, asset types, infinite exchanges, constant new issues…etc etc… clearly not impossible but really really quite hard… it’s quite niche… actually it’s very niche.