Chart issues - Glitchy

Hi Team,

Charts seem a little glitchy. (Desktop User).

This past week:

  • I place a buy, and no notifications appear.

  • I refresh website and then they appear.
    But I get the default view on the charts (ie: Line graph) rather than my presets which I have customised. At one point in the day I couldn’t even see any of my saved layouts, they all had disappeared.

  • Another refresh, they all come back.

@George @Tony.V @noop

We’ll check further the matter :white_check_mark:.

Edit: We’ve checked our logs, and we also tried to recreate the matter above, however, weren’t able to reproduce it. Furthermore, we haven’t received a similar inquiry, so we believe that the whole inconvenience might be provoked due to an unstable internet connection on your end. Nonetheless, please keep us posted should you experience something similar

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