A glitch on web UI?

Since 18:30 today, the charts on the Windows interface are showing strange behaviour, with apparent sharp momentary dips or spikes. I knew there was something wrong as some of the dips crossed over my TP orders but nothing happened. I checked the Android app and the charts look normal.
Anyone else experiencing the same?

I have experienced this also. It goes away when I change the time period on the graph

its due to the current data provider. these should stop appearing once the switch over occurs.

The issue I had yesterday was that the orders kept a pending status, and I was unable to cancel them. For some reason or another, the same order went in twice, both were executed, and then the around 25% of the batch were sold again automatically (did not have a take profit or anything). I dismissed it as it was supposedly sold at the same price that the buy order was executed. Today I’ve seen the statement, and this shows that they were actually sold at a loss.

contact the team to clarify what happened here, if it was a technical issue you may be able to sort something out.

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