Chart not correlate with profit or loss

I have opened a sell position, and despite my lack of experience this situation is unusual and something looks wrong: my sell position went below entering position and I was expected to go on profit and ready to take profit but as you can see in picture below I’m still in minus.
I have spoken with one of the “contact us” colleague but I’m still in dark, for me is simple if I’m buy and goes up I’m having profit, if I’m selling and he goes down I’m making profit, in this case I’m selling and price goes down and I’m still losing , I am missing something ?

You need to look at the BUY price, which is still higher than your origininal sell price.


How simple and easy to understand your reply, it took about 8 emails to be still in dark with customer care., however quite big this difference between sell and buy in this case
Thank you.

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Yeah if you go short you can’t switch the chart in the app version. The CFD app plots just the BID.

It’s a case of use the desktop version, and right click and then choose view BUY chart to see the ASK plotted instead to help in closing your position.

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