Take profit didn’t execute

Hi, been playing around with the trading 212 practice account for a while now and recently started using my real money account. I was trading on the CDF account and opened a short position on silver, I set my take profit and stop loss, went away for a few hours and came back and noticed that the price had dropped below my take profit price but did not execute my order, I then watched the price drop below it again and it still didn’t trigger, in which I then manually closed the position and still got the profit but if I hadn’t seen it I would of missed out. Is there any reason why this would happen? Surely as soon as the price hits the take profit price or drops below it on a short position it should execute instantly? Is there something I’m missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

There are two prices, the buy and sell price.

Sorry I got the title wrong I just changed it.

I know there’s two prices, I had opened a sell position, after I had bought the position I then clicked on the position and set my take profit, it didn’t execute when it got to the price

Oh I see your saying in I was looking at the buy price chart not the sell price chart? Sorry complete novice here

Yeah, depending on whether you long or short (buy/sell) you will need to monitor the other chart for it’s order price.

Ah ok and how do you do change between the two charts in the ap version as the format is quite different, thanks for the help

Maybe another user will know. Sorry, but I don’t, just had a look.

Ok no worries! thanks again

If knowone else reply’s I’ll post another question on how to switch between charts on the app

@Palladub If you’re short (SELL), it’s best to change the chart to “Buy” price chart (as shown by @nickspacemonkey) because that’s actually the relevant price.
However, that can currently be done only on the web platform.

Ok got it thanks! Although surely this is quite an important feature to not have on the app, surely you need to be able to monitor both charts to trade both positions successfully?

So does this work the other way round for when you are long, use the sell price chart for buying?