Chart timer incorrect?


Anyone noticing the candle timer is wrong on the 1 minute & 5 minute time frame for cfd? Not sure about higher time frames as i don’t tend to look at them

My 1 minute starts at just over 2:00 minutes
5 minute starts at just 6:00 minutes

Is this just me or is anyone else getting it? If so any chance it can be resolved.


Not sure I understand but if desktop use the middle scrollwheel or on app pinch to zoom. Does that help?

Eg zoomed in as far as possible each notch is 1m

Zoom out once and each notch represents 2 minutes

8m etc

And swipe (or drag scrollbar) left and right changes the starting point.

I could be way off and it’s nothing about this. :sweat_smile:

As you can see from the image.

I’m looking at a 1 minute time frame but the candle timer (circled in yellow) has 2:41 minutes.

It started doing this a week-maybe two weeks ago after Trading 212 were doing some maintenance.