Charts are misleading

The charts provided by trading212 do not account for share dilution when companies issue new shares (i.e. through rights issue). This I believe makes the charts misleading. You may check trading212 and tradingView to see the difference on $RR or IAG for example.

stock splits affect the charts, I don’t believe rights issues do because they don’t change the historical value of a share.

The rights issues change the historical value of a share due the same reason stock splits do: The value of each share is diluted.

getting new shares doesn’t mean the old ones traded for less. stock splits reduce the historical value because what was once 1 share is now multiple, so the historical price that was for a single share is now the cumulative price of multiple current shares, hence why it gets adjusted to be back at a rate of price per share.

Rights issues don’t change what a share was worth before the new shares were distributed. they dilute the current value of of shares because they are offered at discounts.

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