USO orders changed


Hi I had some open buy positions in instrument USO

@ 2.18 and 2.15

Today when I checked my account I saw that these positions had been sold at 12.43 pm without me doing so. At the same time positions in USO at 12.43 pm at a price of 17.15!!

The positions which were opened @ 17.15 did not even have stop losses. Which could have resulted in some serious losses for me financially.

This is whilst the market was shut and while the instrument was not trading. The market was closed until 1.30 pm GMT so it is impossible for me to have done this activity myself!

Thank god somehow the market opened above 17.15… so I did not lose any money. However, I am missing my profit… The position I opened should be significantly in profit.

Whilst this is happening there is no person to contact for help. I have been left in the blue the entire day. Having to create an account in this community in an attempt to have a real person help me.

I have pictures and video proof of all of this happening.

Has anyone else experienced this?
Can anybody help me?

Thank you

@J5614 Everything’s okay with the orders, USO had a reverse stock split (share consolidation). You received this platform message 3 hours ago:

United States Oil Fund (USO) underwent a reverse stock split 8:1. All of your positions were adjusted accordingly. If you held a position of less than 8 shares - that position was closed at the last available price.

If you had 80 shares at $1, after a 1:8 reverse split, the correct amounts should be 10 shares at $8. Notional value is same, only representation is different.

I’m sorry, but how can you have real money in USO and not be informed about the reverse split? Or at least look up what happened to a stock that shot up 800% in value at once? Instead just thinking that T212 robbed you of some gigantic gains that you could’ve had??

Do some research into the instruments you trade, jeez.

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