Chesapeake big loss - question

Interesting question here. I had 5 shares in Chesapeake that I’ve been trying to get rid of in light of their current situation. However, trading was suspended so I couldn’t sell them. However, once trading was reactivated my stop loss kicked in. But…it made a whopping loss of £150.

Here’s the question, what would have happened if I only had £20 of funds in my account???

I did consider moving all my money out of this account just incase the shares fell by 50%, to avoid this but I didn’t. Be interested to hear what the situation would have been in case a similar thing arises.



You would have been margin called and the position would close automatically.


Absolutely, but if it closed with a £150 loss and there was only £20 in my account do 212 just take the £130 loss???

I believe you would have been charged the remainder to the account you have linked.

Hmmm interesting. I was always told they were completely separate. Let’s see if we get an answer from 212.