✅ Churchill Capital Corp. III (CCXX)

Largest SPAC ever apparently:raised_hands:

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CCXX is next :slight_smile: hope they add.

Is CCXX also a SPAC?

I suspect we might need to request a process similar to IPOs for these before you see any traction on them. Don’t think the overall conversation surrounding these has been discussed in its own right, only as offshoot conversations from IPO threads.

Yes, the largest of its kind, see the link above.

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You tracking the timeline of this at all?

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Yes please @David. Let’s get in early on these bad boys👍

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Bought into FEAC jsut fine. Now for CCXX! :slightly_smiling_face:

We’ve just added CCXX. Enjoy :v:


Nice one @Martin, cheers.

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Thanks so much! Time to get a move on!

Can this be added to ISA aswell please? Cheers

Bit of activity today @mcwilliams91 on CCXX, am I missing something? lol


If you’re missing it, then I’ve missed it also!

It can keep going up for me! :+1:

Has it gone up??
It looks like its still around 10 USD…

It’s like $0.11 up for the day or something! :see_no_evil: I was more referring to it going up in general, not specifically linked to today.

When there’s some news to share, I’m sure they will. Might have been made available on another platform today and people getting in on it?

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MultiPlan and Churchill Capital Corp III Reach Agreement to Combine

  • Transaction Will Deliver Financial Flexibility to Fuel MultiPlan’s Significant Organic and Acquisition Growth Opportunities

  • MultiPlan Brings Affordability and Fairness to the Healthcare System, Delivering Approximately $19 Billion in Medical Cost Reduction on over 135 Million Claims

  • MultiPlan’s Value to Healthcare Payers Will Be Enriched by Three Key Growth Pillars: Enhancing, Extending and Expanding Capabilities and Services

  • Current MultiPlan Management Will Continue to Lead the Company

  • Transaction Includes $1.3 Billion Fully Committed Common Stock at $10 Per Share and $1.3 Billion Convertible Debt, Convertible at $13 Per Share

  • Investor Call on Monday, July 13, 2020 at 8:00 am EST

Whilst I’m happy I got in early, I’m curious to see how the market responds to this merger. I don’t know enough about MultiPlan but I know that this SPAC was one of the biggest ones before PTSH. Wonder how the market will respond to this.

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Ha ha the reaction of a very underwhelmed man, if ever there was one. :wink:

I must confess I was scratching my head at the name MultiPlan as well.

I await your thorough DD in due course, ha ha.

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Ha ha I hope it’s me being underwhelmed as I haven’t scratched the surface of MultiPlan yet. Too many people expect SPACs to be buying the latest and greatest startup or scale-up on the block / in the news. But there are some hidden gems out there who have been chugging along without media attention and growing steadily and could use a merger with a SPAC to take things to the next level - hoping MultiPlan is that type of company. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:- I’ll see what I can dig up on the company lol