Churchill Capital new SPAC - (CCVI-U) & (CVII-U)

Hi Friends,

CCIV-rumoured Lucid Merger Fame Michael Klein’s Churchill Capital 6th and 7th SPAC has debuted on NYSE last Friday. It has already raised 1.5 Billion.
I had already raised request to Trading212 to bring this stock on investing platform.
If we look at recent trend in the SPAC’s and performance of Michael Klen’s, I don’t have any doubt why they should not performed well.
MK will surely find the right candidates from EV, 5G or growth stocks.
I hope @Team212 is listening…

Thanks guys for providing CCIV.
Happy Investing… :star_struck:

Yeah please can we have this one!

CVII is one of the tickers

The U within the Ticker denotes that the stock is still in Unit form (which T212 doesn’t support) so we therefore need to wait until the stock splits. If you have a search about the forum, you’ll see several explanations and posts on the subject.

In short, it’s usually 52 days later they can be added when the split happens. Until then, if you want in on them now, I’m afraid you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Hope this helps. It’s not been added for a valid reason.