SPAC: Flying Eagle Acquisition Corp (FEAC)

I’d like to add SPAC companies to this. FMCI and FEAC are two gaining some traction.

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Bumping this one as FEAC also quite important. I’d like to get in early with, especially with the track record of the team behind it.

Rumoured to be looking at AirBNB as one potential candidate I’m told … :thinking: @Team212


@David Please could we sneak FEAC in this week also? :pray:

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@David can you please add this stock.


@Team212 1+ Can you please add this stock


@David add this stock plz

Same here. Wanna jump on this ASAP

Thanks for adding FMCI @David @Team212!

+1 for FEAC, and would be really great if we could add CCXX (another SPAC) to the list too. Largest ever SPAC, think this will see real volume in the near future so would be great to be ahead of the game on it


Are FEAC and CCXX possible today @David @Martin @PeterA? Not new IPO’s granted, but still. Links into another question I saw earlier; can/will we ever allow warrants on the platform? :thinking:

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FEAC is added. I PM’d David regarding that one and was confirmed this morning.

PS. Not advocating PMs - just tried it as an experiment to see if got any more traction than the forum but it didn’t.

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Yeah actually caught that not long ago, thought it might have come from my reminder, but then saw CCXX hadn’t been so perhaps been there for longer.

thanks i can confirm it is updated in APP :slight_smile:

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