For anyone interested in SPACs

…but don’t really know how they work, here is a good summary of the mechanics for reference;


Thanks Joey, I have a bit of knowledge but will give it a read.

I’m only in one but it looks like it’s ready for a breakout now

Which one you in?

I’ve had positions in PSTH, IPOB and PIC for a while. Glad to see the latter two starting to move.

The SPAC renaissance is upon us. Wonder how short lived this one will be. :wink:

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HCAC, I don’t really have a great interest in it but I’ve been watching it for a while and it’s going to break out (I think) as there is merger news early December.

Got in a couple of days ago. I’ll just ride it for a bit and hopefully it follows the usual SPAC pattern. It’s getting a lot more volume and the MACD is looking healthy for now. Albeit this can change like the weather with a SPAC.

I’ve had PIC on the radar since you said and that had a good week last week.

Are SPACs a new thing or something?

Seems to be all the rage these days with TTCF, VGAC, CIIC and APXT being mentioned.

I want to go into CIIC myself but I think it will lower a little bit more.

An old thing that has made a comeback this year apparently.

Much cheaper way for a company to go public than a traditional IPO, which is why they’re all at it.

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Are there any disadvantages going that way instead of an IPO? Such as lower requirements like the AIM VS FTSE?

I’m not entirely sure on that one. I know they’re a quicker route to IPO for some reason.

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I have a small position in LGVW and I’m interested in what will happen to the SPAC when the merger will take place. It will automatically change in my portfolio to the new ticker?

Yes. No action for you to take if you’ve already bought the SPAC stock.

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My portfolios major positions is in

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@Venetia1993 The danger is that in majority of SPACs there is an incentive for sponsors to merge with any company before 2 year period runs out, even if it’s a complete trash company.

There is much less examining compared to a traditional IPO route, so NKLA’s will be thrown to unsuspecting retail investors.

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This is one of the best materials recently

I do kind of agree, certain SPACs are quite solid though and are merging with genuine companies that are turning a profit for instance APXT and TRNE.


I only have a small position in APXT to be honest to see if I can short the stock, so to speak. Unless it shoots to the moon I will be happy with $30/35.

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@Mcmalloch TRNE/Desktop Metal is a legit amazing company with MIT behind them.

I have some experience with metalworking and CNC so I’m following this one from the start.

The unknown part of the puzzle is the real fair valuation.

That’s good to hear! They’ve been doing well so far, think I might take a profit and look to buy back post merger most likely.