SPAC news - NYSE: KCAC (Kensington Capital Acquisition)

Kensington Capital Acquisition today entered into a definitive agreement with QuantumScape, an EV battery manufacturer backed by Bill Gates and Volkswagen.

Apparently no revenue until 2024, but I doubt that will stop the stock from appreciating along the same lines as VTIQ/NKLA in the run up to acquisition.


It’s up 39% already in premarket.
I think this premarket selling is absolutely cheating

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Why is T212 quoting the unit price for KCAC, and not the common stock? Seems like an error… Especially as T212 doesn’t support trading of units.
KCAC common closed at 10.00 yesterday, but T212 quoting 10.59 which is the closing price of the unit…
I noticed this weeks ago and been waiting for T212 to fix it before jumping in… I thought I had more time since it’s still a relatively new SPAC, but now seems I’ve missed the boat (for the initial target-announcement pump at least)…
Same issue with GSAH - T212 has unit price and not common… Wouldn’t be surprised to find out other SPACs have this same issue - always double check the price on google or yahoo finance first!

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I can’t keep up with all the SPAC’s!

Fortunately I am in FMCI and FEAC which both ran up 25%+ yesterday and LCA was +8%.

Not sure I can take on more more risk until I close these 3.

Ha ha yes agreed. But there is much more volatility with it. However I still want the option. Not going into the stock but I feel your pain.

@David can you advise as to @GMNN 's query please? is there a wrongful mapping going on with KCAC to the units in IB perhaps?

the buy button on this stock seems to be disabled

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Missing possible gains.

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@GMNN KCAC & GSAH common stock will be available for trading today.

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