CIND almost DJ/US 30 Industrial Average

Is there anyway we can get SCHD, DJD and/or the DIA on here? I noticed you can trade US30 under CFD but i could not find it anywhere under the Invest side of things. Is it even possible to have like american indexes or ETFs for them? I know there are some legal factors with some things but I dont know how any of that works.

EDIT: Could CIND be added to the list of available ETFs?

CFD and the Invest / ISA accounts do differ on what instruments they can trade, but I think the T212 team are trying to add more and more to both sides in time.

All ETF offerings must classify as UCITS to be able to trade in Europe, and for T212 to be able to add them.

If you happen to find an ETF which covers the US30, and is UCITS compliant, then you can always request this stock to be added, and the team will hopefully add this offering to the platform.

Perhaps CIND would be suitable ?

Hope this helps :v:

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CIND looks awesome, I’m guessing as close as it could get. Your respose was really helpful thanks. Hopefully they see this and are able to add it

I would do it for you, but it’s good practice to learn to do it yourself too:

  1. Create a new post on here, under the category of stocks & ETF requests.
  2. Add a title such as “ETF Request to be added: CIND”
  3. Put any extra info you want or additional stocks in the post body, such as the link above.
  4. Click send and wait for the team to add it.

Your welcome by the way. Anything else, check the forum as there is a heap of content on here.
Or message me direct, I will reply when I can.

Hey, Thanks so much, as you can probably tell I am brand new to this thing so I REALLY appreciate you taking the time and actually breaking down how to do that.

Much Love

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No worries, anytime. :slight_smile: