They blocked ACY Today

When it reach 1250% trading 212 just blocked it, but in other invest platforms this shares was BUY and SALE just wonderful.

elaborate more my friend…did you reach out , did they give you any kind of explain to it like wtf…

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Wasn’t this stock halted for like 3 hours today by the exchange? Nothing to do with 212

It un-halted at 8pm (UK time) but was still blocked from selling on T212, no market orders where processed. So people are left with a stock they where massively up on now being massively down on and tomorrow will most likely be worse. And no doubt market sells we be processed then when any gains have evaporated.

@rvauk T212 aren’t involved in the halting process.

Halted throughout the day. and then 11-15 ET so 4-8pm (UK) for the news.

We know it halted thats not the point. It was un-halted at 8pm (UK time) and Trading 212 didn’t reflect this and still hasn’t.

When you say “still hasn’t” the market isn’t open for another 2hrs or so

The last ASK it got supplied by Bloomberg was this

Agreed not sure how it didn’t get sent another for this

When I say it “still hasn’t” that is exactly what I mean, It un-halted last night at 8pm UK time. The US market is open until 9pm Uk Time. The price went down to $13.85, Trading 212 was still locked at $38 dollars with no ability to sell.

I’m in agreement that it’s missing quotes for the last hour. I can see the trades after resumption.

Was the sell/buy rejecting between 8-9pm (UK) or just not showing a new ask/bid?

The quotes come in from Bloomberg and the trades are via IB so not connected.

It’s not like T212 are pushing a button to say halt, and forgetting to click it off which I’m almost entirely sure the OP meant based on their other posts. They just pull in the data, and send the orders off via the API.

I hate Bloomberg’s data feed with a passion.

I placed a market sell during the halt period, when it un-halted in the real world, nothing happened, I cancelled that, then placed another around 8.05, still nothing. We get to 9pm nothing, and there was no movement in the stock price onTrading 212 App or website. It’s like they purposely left it on halt. Whilst the stock was in freefall.

The last trading halt occurred within the time frame 16:04:49-19:56:20 GMT. Until the end of the session trading with the instrument was restricted due to extended risk check procedures.

I understand the frustration caused by the inability to place a trade at this point, however, we were not in position to facilitate the flawless execution of orders after the halt.

@Rumen @David can you please see what happened to the lack of quotes in the last hour.

And first five minutes of this session.

Is this the Bloomberg feed playing up as it was fine in other brokers.