One of my stocks is not selling. It's been almost 2 hours now. What's going on?

As mentioned in the title one of my stocks is not selling. Almost 2 hours now. Why is this happening? Also had trouble selling another stock too that took 35 minutes to sell.

Had same issue then tried to cancel to try again (sorting a pie) now it’s stuck on cancel and I’ve no idea what positions I’ll end up with :sob:

@techpaper Is it aim listed? You don’t mention the stock in question so it’s hard to suggest any reason.

@C18drw I see you’ve posted this in a few threads and made a post. I tagged in a couple of t212 staff into your post who should be able to help during work hours.

The stocks were IDEX and MARK that were taking very long to sell.

Hmm so not aim stocks, maybe just low trading volume at the time?

Can I get one of the mod’s explanation on this?

I’m not a mod but I assume these were market orders and not limit orders?

I’ve been in and out IDEX and MARK and had no issues with limits, I don’t tend to use market buys/sells.

In fact I’m still in MARK and hoping to collect some near the $1.10 today. :palms_up_together: