Coinbase IPO direct?

Does anybody know if Coinbase will be a direct listing or not?

If not, does anybody have any advice on how you can get in earlier before it becomes available on 212? I’m assuming you’d have to go through a broker.

This might be of interest :man_shrugging:

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Thanks. Have you ever used Tradernet (Freedom Finance) to invest in IPOs?

Not yet. In all honesty I have just recently found that guide and I am still studying the terms and conditions and trying to figure out if it is for me or not

Yep. From what I can tell it looks legit, but there’s still something about the website and company that makes me feel a bit uneasy.

This does not sound correct.

If it is direct listing (see link below), which they mention on their website, then is it not a “first come first served” on the actual exchange?

I would suggest you to be very weary of this. Please research it fully and ensure that it is not a scam.