Coinbase Direct Listing

Coinbase will be accessible for trading today both as an equity and CFD. The orders will be accepted and filled once it begins trading publicly. As it is a direct listing, this is usually 2-3 hours after the opening of the session.

Once the stock is available for trading, it will also be fractional, so you will be able to place value orders if you wish or add it to a Pie.


Will this be available on ISA?

I need this fractionable as soon as possible :yum:

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@LonelySpyro Yes, it will :slightly_smiling_face:

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:thinking: so will it get that 100 billion dollar market cap… dump on listing or to the moon :rocket: :new_moon:

Do orders I place now participate in the opening auction? Or do they go into the market after that?

What is with other important stocks as OHB SE (Germany), AJRD, ORBC and GNPK as fractional?

I’m looking for someone to explain this price difference. :pray:


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I am seeing this price live here but price it’s still frozen in other brokers and Yahoo.

Can someone from Trading212 please make Coinbase fractional?
@david @George ?


It has been confirmed it will be fractional.

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It will be once it’s really available for trading. That’s what the original post says.

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When does the official trading starts?


Can you add the time trading starts to the notification message in the app or if you don’t know state you don’t know?
Just saying orders will be refused until trading starts is a bit vague and lots of people just keep asking over and over when it will be all over social media.

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Okay this should be good :unamused:

It’s going way up… People are buying from somewhere.

MeetKevin bought from WeBull