Coinbase IPO just announced

breaking news Coinbase have just announced public offering. should be an interesting one…


Finally, a big player in this space that we can buy into! Thanks for posting this.


Didn’t find any date… any idea?

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Got a feeling this IPO will be massive

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techcrunch article I read states “its debut looks to be an early-2021 affair.” , and if SEC don’t approve then not sure what will happen.


Will this be coming to Trading 212? Do we know?

It is very likely that it will be.

@Joey_Fantana does a very good job of requesting IPOs/Direct listings on the day :smiley: .

I have just seen that Coinbase plans to do a direct listing:

@EquityInvestor I cannot confirm, but I heard that the Market Cap will be around 70B and a share price of around 200. :grin:

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What revenues and profits does it have?

I’d also have to look at the balance sheet, but it sounds like very expensive.


Coinbase Pre-IPO contracts trading at an implied ~$70B market cap. If it holds, Coinbase would be worth:

20% of BTC
100% of ETH
300% of total DeFi market cap

  • The most recent batch of 127,000 shares was sold Friday at $373, which works out to a valuation of $100.23 billion.

In case if someone wants to dive deeper before it all unfolds, there is a recent book:

Waiting so much for seeing $COIN in “New on Trading 212” Watchlist. :metal:t3:

Any info from T212 as to if this will be available at launch? Are they normally pretty good at getting IPOs/listing up at launch?

The question should be… “Are IBKR (212’s intermediary) normally pretty good at getting IPOs/listing up at launch?”

And the answer to that is, recent performances have been poor.

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Typically in the IPO launching day you will pay a premium price. Just look at many blockbusters IPO recently such as Air Bnb, doordash, etc.

Good luck then if yu could get it at near IPO price

Good for overrall btc market, been in Mara, riot and hive for some time now as they were on T212, this week will be intresting

Do we know if Coinbase will be listed on T212?

Do we have a chance to jump on Coinbase at the lowest price on opening? We’ve had a problem with Airbnb when we got into it at 160 (I think) because Trading212 was lagging… just hope to buy it at lowest :slight_smile:

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@VALENTINA It’s DPO (“direct public offering”).

IPOs and DPOs: Initial vs. Direct: