Coinbase IPO just announced

breaking news Coinbase have just announced public offering. should be an interesting one…


Finally, a big player in this space that we can buy into! Thanks for posting this.


Didn’t find any date… any idea?

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Got a feeling this IPO will be massive

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techcrunch article I read states “its debut looks to be an early-2021 affair.” , and if SEC don’t approve then not sure what will happen.


Will this be coming to Trading 212? Do we know?

It is very likely that it will be.

@Joey_Fantana does a very good job of requesting IPOs/Direct listings on the day :smiley: .

I have just seen that Coinbase plans to do a direct listing:

@EquityInvestor I cannot confirm, but I heard that the Market Cap will be around 70B and a share price of around 200. :grin:

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What revenues and profits does it have?

I’d also have to look at the balance sheet, but it sounds like very expensive.


Coinbase Pre-IPO contracts trading at an implied ~$70B market cap. If it holds, Coinbase would be worth:

20% of BTC
100% of ETH
300% of total DeFi market cap

  • The most recent batch of 127,000 shares was sold Friday at $373, which works out to a valuation of $100.23 billion.

In case if someone wants to dive deeper before it all unfolds, there is a recent book: