Coinbase should I cut my losses

Hi, I’ve been messing about for a while investing £100 here and there and getting small returns, but recently I put £5000 on coinbase, initially it went up £750 but now it just keeps going down, I’m almost £3000 down now and I don’t know wether to just cut my losses before I lose the lot or will it go back up?

The sad truth here is none of us know the answer here and no one can really help. In the short term the market is a voting machine - and right now the market is clearly voting against high multiple stocks, that could change though or it couldn’t - this one has to be your call.


Also funny that this is in the ‘help’ section of the forum.

I would recommend revisiting why you invested in Coinbase to begin with. Has anything changed? Take a look at the company financials and see how you feel about that. Do some research into the state of crypto right now. It may well turn around, it may not.


My opinion is that the thesis is still intact and nothing really changed. Because we are in a bear market the transactions will be lower for couple of quarters. They are reinvesting big part of their money to diversify their business such as Coinbase NFT, Coinbase Pay and others…

If crypto market cap 10x by 2030 and Coinbase is still a major player this is at least 7-8x from current price of $60 based on DCF.

This is my opinion only

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Hmm, well apart from inflation 10%, probable interest rate hikes going forward, ending era of free money and endless liquidity.

But yea, apart from that nothing changed…

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I wonder how Michael Saylor sleeps at night, maybe worth thinking the impact if he offloads

Whose inflation though? It changes from country to country and person to person! My inflation is worse compared to a lot of people. On the other hand, my landlord is probably delighted.


I think common folks around the world will feel the impact of inflation, which ever % you attach to it.

Even the ol’ landlord, as people start losing jobs and missing rents…

Regarding current environment, good read:

With regards to coinbase it was just a piece of legislation that had to be included by the sec. The earnings were to be expected considering the overall market downturn. In my view the market has yet again overreacted to inflation news, they knew inflation wasn’t under control a month ago. Sadly this is just another way the very rich get a whole lot richer. Things that I have noticed about Binance in particular. 1. They move projects to the front of the home screen when they are in trouble. 2. They put up ridiculous staking interest rates on projects that are due to collapse or fall ie UST.

This I certainly agree with. I am seeing in my industry (tech) that the job layoffs are beginning.