Can i get someones opinion on this?

Can anyone tell me why im still down even though I have passed the price at which I came in?

Might have something to do with the sell price. Although I have no idea how to find the sell price on Android or the Web App. I’ve just checked and can’t find it.

If you can find the sell price somewhere it’s probably still lower than the price you bought in at. So if you sold it all now you’ll be selling it at a loss of 15 pence. Just need to wait for the sell price to go up.

It’s called the bid-ask-spread. You buy the ask, and sell at the bid. The difference is the spread. It will tighten and widen on many factors.

Sell price is just here after you buy. So you need to compare that to your average. If you buy foreign currency the FX rate will play a part and you can toggle the Return to see the impact.

If you want it on one you haven’t bought yet then click on Instrument details.