Whats going on with BITCOIN?

cant find any news and BTC is skyrocketing right now???

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Look what happened at DOGEcoin yesterday… :slight_smile:

Because the market is rocketing in itself. Doge coin has traded over £21 billion worth in the last 24hrs. That’s all traded (well mostly) against BTC so, a lot of demand and liquidity

Whole crypto market has transacted just over £130 billion worth in the last 24hrs. Btc has a 63.2% dominance of the market so, a lot of people needing btc to trade and transact

Fixed supply, limited availability, huge demand for it :rocket::rocket::rocket:


This year starting so crazy, not sure of I should be excited or worried

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More and more people are starting to utilise cryptos to their full potentials :slight_smile: we called a $1 trillion market cap 3/4 years ago. The crypto market cap hasn’t even started yet!! Get yourself some use case cryptos and have a % of your portfolio diversified amongst them

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Elon tweeted


Yep just that, that’s the only Bitcoin news this morning.


What are use case cryptos? Should I use Coinbase? Have read they are expensive

Nah mate use the likes of Bittrex or Poloniex. Well 3 of the main ones are BTC, ETH and ADA. Ada would be my number one pick and I’ve been on that from 2018 and they’ve came a hell of a way. Very good 4x it’s value within the next year and that’s being conservative

Oh… and CHSB