Commissions and spread in Trading 212

Hi, I wanted to know if Trading 212 is convenient for trading and what are all the costs necessary to operate. In particular, I would like to know what is the spread applied and the commissions to withdraw the capital … I also wanted to understand what are the margin requirements of this table and where the autoinvest is applied

Thanks for your clarification

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To know what spread is applied I suggest you to open the demo version of Trading212. An email is not even required.

Regarding your question about withdrawals instead I invite you to visit this link.

Thaks, But how does the autoinvest option work ?

I have never used that function.
I advise you to consult the Trading212 help center. For your convenience I leave you the link in description.

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ok But you can use MT4 in Trading212 to trade forex through your mobile as well ?

To answer a few questions regarding fees, in Invest/ISA there are none.

The spread in Invest/ISA is the raw spread and is not widened.

To see the bid on any instrument before buying you can look at instrument details for the sell price.

And no you can’t use MT4.

As far as CFD like Forex, then yes the spread is widened. On desktop you can switch between buy and sell charts, and show both labels and lines to see the spread. There is a 0.5% fee on FX.