ISA transfer from Freetrade to Trading 212

Hi, I am considering that I should transfer my Freetrade ISA to Trading 212. Does this mean that I have to sell all of holding and transfer everything as cash?

Edit -
Progress, emailed the completed form I will continue to update here so others can benefit from it

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Yes, unfortunately that is correct.

Yeah. Freetrade do not support an in-specie transfer out.

Source: mine just transferred today!


yes, you sell them but don’t transfer them yourself of course. You need to get a form off T212 and then they work with freetrade to do the transfer of the cash. Just went through all that.

Lol I feel bad for Freetrade, they are struggling so much.


i’m sure they will be fine, also it keeps T212 on their toes to have some competition, imagine if things start going wrong with T212 or they pull a surprise pricing on everyone (hopefully not!)… then freetrade will be ready to take advantage

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Freetrade are pulling a surprise pricing on their own customers.


Welcome to Trading 212, @TareqA02!

Heard Feetrade will soon be charging for access to certain securities and basic features like order types. That’s on top of a 0.45% foreign exchange commission and £3-a-month fee for an Isa. A ‘commission-free’ broker charging fees left, right and centre… what are they thinking? :thinking:

T212 has done such a number on them!

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Looks like trading 212 will also not accept any transfers in unless its cash. Real shame as I have holdings I want to move over but cant risk the value being out of the market for an unknown time whilst volatility is so high.

I believe even if the transfer was not in cash then you would still be out of the market but even for longer as the transfer would be more complicated than the cash transfer which is quite quick (few days for me) but yes it is a pain to be out of the market for any amount of time.

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They really screwed me over when they kinda mentioned about Freetrade plus that it might include limit orders etc… and that should be free and I like how T212 is moving with new features. I’m going to transfer :slight_smile: . Wish me luck!

Edit: Do I just fill out the forms and leave it as is? Or do i need to manually sell my holdings and do the form. Thanks guys

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Isn’t the main problem the loss on buy/sell spread going out and in, and if you hold foreign stocks, the currency fx exchanges required to move?

You could move cash across in multiple small portions. It is not necessary to move an entire ISA at one go. Wait for one move to complete, then do another. That reduces the out of market risk.

You could also hedge, at a cost of overnight interest, while in cash by buying some CFD SPX 500 index.

Hey did you manually sell all of your holdings, and how long did it take for them to transfer your account? Thanks!

oh yes, there are also fees for selling your holdings of course. but at least you can buy them back on the T212 side for free. I don’t think there is the option to move the cash across in multiple small portions, remember it’s not you doing it , the brokers need to do it.

edit: maybe your existing broker will charge exit fee too, also need to pay off any account fee (quarterly fee for instance)

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yes I manually sold, my previous broker would do it for me but they would charge me even more that me doing it myself. (£25 each for them, like £10 for me) T212 can advise your broker that you will sell so they don’t do it for you. It took maybe 2-3 days to sell the holdings, then another 3 days or so for them to the money across into T212. I’ve read this can vary depending how cooperative your broker is, they might be slackers and take ages to respond to T212 for instance.

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Excellent, I hope others that are looking to transfer their ISA to T212 will use this information to their benefits. Thanks for taking the time to share this information.

Sorry to bother you again, where did you find the Trading 212 ISA account number?

email and ask them, they will tell you.

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If you click as if you are going to deposit funds, then change from card to bank transfer you will see your account number

Unfortunately I’ve still got one stuck in Freetrade as it’s currently suspended. All the others I just sold them off.