Company Icons/Logos

Hello Trading 212 Team and Community

I’m using T212 since over a year now and am very happy with the provided service. But there’s one thing which is not very clear to me.

Why is it that T212 is the only platform, which displays all the nice icons and logos of the companies listed? All the other platforms seem to not display them. This must be some legal issue, I guess.

How is T212 able to display all these trademarked icons? I would be very happy, if the team or someone from the community could elaborate on this.

Hello and welcome to the community! We hope you will like it here.

Regarding your question, there is no trademark or copyright issue to display the companies’ logos; this falls under fair-use.

E-Toro is also doing it, so T212 is not the only one here :hugs:

Now to answer your question, as to why no others are really doing it, well it’s mostly a lot of work. There is no general database holding a record of all companies’ logos for them to use, they have to manually add and update all logos of all companies, and check whether it displays nicely in the app too.

Just outstanding work, really :joy:


Spot on @Zergui - just a low priority piece of work that keeps getting kicked down the road until they can automate I expect.

In the meantime they do respond to individual update requests so go for your life. :slight_smile: