Missing 'Company Details' (and icons) for newly added IPO stocks

Hi @Team212

I’ve noticed there are quite a few stocks without Company Details information showing on the platform. Predominantly, from what I can see, these tend to correlate to IPOs, but may extend further. Recent examples that are still missing this information include;

RKT (Rocket Companies)
FRLN (Freeline)
CMPI (Checkmate)
BIGC (BigCommerce)
VSTA (Vasta Platform)
CVAC (CureVac NV)
FTHM (Fathom)
NCNO (nCino)
DPHC (DiamondPeak)
EBON (Ebang) - interestingly, this has a ‘retry’ button next to the Company Details tab but clicking it is ineffective.

Are you able to update these to include said information please?

Furthermore, and by no means important, there also seems to be inconsistency between which newly added instruments are imported with a company logo and which ones aren’t. I presume this is a time saving exercise, but if it can be done in bulk would be nice to see this cleaned up.

Thanks as always.


Demanding, Mr F!

Yeah, it’s been an issue… I hack the T212 API now to put together dividend data etc…


You can see the “missing” icons…

But - as if by magic - FinKi supplies Company Logos via the magic of the FinKi API (not the public one - but the super funky hidden, private one!)

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Ouch! It’s bigger than I would have thought…

About 3600 (ish) on available for Trading on T212

About 1300 (ish) missing logos…


Of which FinKi has about 1000 of the missing logos stored in a nicely compressed, resized, .png already … if anyone @Team212 doesn’t fancy doing it (manually)?

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Ooft! Fingers crossed for a bulk job.

It doesn’t matter - just an aesthetic. Real ask is the company info, ER, financials etc.

Matters to me!
I’m all about back office efficiency… if this was my team etc…etc… data this, data that, we have the technology etc. etc.


All, except for EBON & FRLN are with Company Details now! Soon, we’ll add all the logos to the instruments.


Thanks @Martin. Appreciate that.

Not sure if there are any others but was your fix a sweep job to capture ALL missing or just the list I presented? Should we highlight any others that turn up?

99% of the stocks have Company Details, the rest that don’t - it could be either lack of information from our provider or a corner case which we’re investigating.

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Sorry just found another - API (Agora).


Company Logos never got fixed tho, right?

Don’t think so, no. In fact I know so - plenty still just displaying the grey initials.

Tut tut tut tut
I knew it wouldn’t get fixed

It will get fixed once we’re done with our ongoing developments.

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Landcadia Holdings icon spotted!

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