Company trading account

Are there any plans to create company trading accounts? Currently, payments from personal accounts are accepted, but I believe there are people who would like to invest through their company accounts.


Would also be interested in hearing an answer to this

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Interested in knowing as well.

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@David Is it available right now or is T212 having a plan for such feature? Thanks

Our current focus is more retail-oriented but we’ll definitely support company accounts as well at some point.


It is good to hear that it will be available in the future. I guess there is no estimated release date yet, when support for company accounts might come into production? Would be very happy to even get a rough estimate, since in investing time is essential, but so is choosing a great platform, that I believe trading212 to be.

@ChrisL It’s tough to provide an estimate because the idea hasn’t been thoroughly discussed yet. I doubt it’ll happen this year.