Company trading account

Are there any plans to create company trading accounts? Currently, payments from personal accounts are accepted, but I believe there are people who would like to invest through their company accounts.


Would also be interested in hearing an answer to this

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Interested in knowing as well.

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@David Is it available right now or is T212 having a plan for such feature? Thanks

Our current focus is more retail-oriented but we’ll definitely support company accounts as well at some point.


It is good to hear that it will be available in the future. I guess there is no estimated release date yet, when support for company accounts might come into production? Would be very happy to even get a rough estimate, since in investing time is essential, but so is choosing a great platform, that I believe trading212 to be.

@ChrisL It’s tough to provide an estimate because the idea hasn’t been thoroughly discussed yet. I doubt it’ll happen this year.

Are there any news on that topic yet?
I am about to start my company for investing, but am forced to choose another broker.
Many thanks

@David any news on this?

Sounds like a bad idea to me, no fear factor using limited company funds at your sole discretion. Bet the revenue would love to see this in the future. :thinking:
That would give people access to leverage using a company account, very interesting…

I have started exploring Wise(Formerly Transferwise) business account.

They have an option to open “Jar” for a currency and convert it to stocks “Jar”.
The stocks Jar is invested in
iShares MSCI World Equity Index Fund with service fee 0.4% and fund fee 0.15%.(EUR).

97% of the amount is also available to withdraw from the jar.

If anyone has already explored this, please provide your thoughts.

Seems a cool idea, but you’re paying a platform fee of 0.4% and then a 0.15% fund fee by the sounds of it. If you need a company account, I dont think 212 do company accounts, but InvestEngine do. I’m not sure if they only offer the ‘managed’ option, so a 0.25% fee instead of 0.4%.

InvestEngine has no extra charge for self managed company accounts.

But, the settlement date is T+2 days and so when funds are required by company it isn’t instant.

That’s when TransferWise helps as the withdrawal from the stocks Jar is instant.

“Cost vs Convenience”!!!

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Yeah but the majority of ETFs still settle on a T+2/3 basis. Yes you could in theory try to balance inflows with outflows, but that’s never a perfect balance so you need to eat the costs somehow if settling early which probably brings rise to the higher fees to cover costs as you say.

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