Completely New to Investing and Pie's - Advice Appreciated

Hi all

I am completely new to trading a playing about at the moment.

I created a pie and made an initial deposit of £700 on the following

Zoom - 17%

Microsoft - 12%

Apple - 10%

Facebook - 10%

Advanced Micro Devices - 10%

PayPal - 9%

Tesla - 8%

Alibaba - 8%

Etsy - 8%

Zynga - 8%

Now there is a very good chance that I have done this wrong (did this on Sunday night), any advice, tips or criticism will help me a lot - thanks I’m advance

Well they fine to me, all are good long term mega/large cap.

The only one I’m not overly familiar with is Zynga.

I personally prefer FAANG over FAAMG (basically Netflix over Microsoft and let Apple do the work)

Also I’m not overly keen on Facebook personally, I can’t see it here in a decade so its not great in my eyes. It’s possible too big to fail now though.

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